Mission Statement

Sunrise Dundas Community Artists Studio is a not-for-profit*collective whose main purpose is to provide affordable studio space where part-time and developing artists can create fine art.  We see it as a place where ordinary people do extraordinary things, a place where one can set goals and achieve them.

About Us (Since our move from 64 Hatt St., our organization is in a state of flux and the details below only refer to the situation in 2016)

We are committed to transparency and openness. Management receives no personal payment. Precise records are kept of income and expenditure which are displayed on our bulletin board . We encourage members to look at the account records to follow our progress and to give us feed-back.
Management (Martin and Christine) are committed to running Sunrise Dundas on a trial basis for one year.They have put up the money to start the initiative, and any deficit will be covered by them. If the studio makes a net profit, the money will be used by Sunrise Dundas to improve the services and/or reduce the fees in the following year. After one year, a decision will be made to continue or to close. We have bought website hosting for three years, so clearly we do not anticipate closure!!!​

Sunrise Dundas can flourish only with the support of volunteers. Please tell us and show us how your particular experiences can help us. If you feel you have no skills to contribute, we can show you how to help us with exhibitions, workshops, special events, website maintenance etc. 
Maybe this sounds daunting but it is achievable and a lot of fun along the way.  WE DID IT BEFORE with the Sunrise Gallery. Look at our website: www.sunrisegallery.ca .


*While we are not registered as a not-for-profit business,  our mission statement and accounting posted monthly on the bulletin board show that all profit goes back into the organization.

Members Involvement
We define Sunrise Dundas as a Collective with duties shared by all members. While management decisions are made by Martin and Christine, the decisions are based on input from members. To give your input either talk to M and C or send us an email. We listen! We also have improptu meetings during sessions to get input.

If and when it turns out that Sunrise Dundas's interests are better served by different management, M and C will willing step down. Our goal will have been accomplished!

Martin Nye and Christine Averink  (M and C)  jointly own and manage Sunrise Dundas.